Sparrows Point Middle School Clubs

 Club Sponsor Day(s) Time How often  Place
SADD Ms. Wade Tues. 2:40-3:30 Weekly  229
 Robotics Club Mr. Brucker Tues. and Thurs. 2:45-3:30 Weekly  
 Art Club Mr. Dees Wed. 2:40-3:30 Weekly  213
 Trashy Fashion Mr. Dees
and Ms. Cain
Tues. 2:40-3:30 Weekly  213
 Pointer Times Magazine Ms. Bonning Wed.  2:45-3:30 Weekly  213
 NJHS Ms. Saridis Wed. 2:45-3:30 Monthly  230
Math 24 Challenge Ms. Hipps Wed. 2:40-3:30 Weekly  224
Student Council Ms. Parry Tues. 2:40-3:30 Bi-Monthly  cottage 6
Yearbook Club Ms. Ryan Thurs 2:40-3:30 Weekly  
STEM Club Ms. Renda Thurs.  A and B lunch Weekly A-212
 School Store Mr. Rizzi Mon.-Fri. 7:40-7:50 Daily  
Quiz Bowl Mr. Rizzi  Wed. 2:45-3:30 Weekly  222
Pointer Sisters Ms. Chadwick    during school Monthly  
Chess Club Ms. Cain  Wed   2:45-3:30  Weekly  207

Sparrows Point Middle School 

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