Dear Parents and Guardians,


In order to ensure a safe and orderly environment for our students during American Education Week, parents/visitors have been assigned specific times. Parents are required to complete and submit the attached form to their student’s homeroom teacher by November 11th.


Visitor labels will be preprinted.  Please note if your license has not been scanned at SPMS we will be unable to print a visitor badge for you on the day of the event.  Please make arrangements to stop in to have your license scanned prior to November 11th between 7:20 am-3 pm to ensure you may visit at your assigned time. All visitors (including parents) must be listed on the form below so that visitor badges can be prepared. Please note visitors must be listed as an authorized person in the Student Information System to visit or the parent/guardian can write the visitor’s name on this form.

Visitation will be on the following:

Tuesday, November 19th – 7:50-11:00 - 7th Grade only

Wednesday, November 20th – 7:50-11:00 - 8th Grade only

Thursday, November 21st– 7:50-11:00 - 6th Grade only

Please note the following:

·         Bring government-issued identification such as a driver’s license. Our staff is unable to admit visitors to the building without such identification.

·         Arrange for the care of small children so that they will not interrupt the educational program.

·         Park only in designated parking areas.

·         Push the buzzer to be admitted. Do not hold the door open for others.

·         Sign in at the main office or designated location and go through the visitor identification process.

·         Wear your visitor badge at all times.  It must be visible.

·         Go directly to your child’s classroom/location and remain there until exiting the building.

·         Refrain from bringing food or snacks into the building to share with children.

·         Put your cell phone away and make sure it is silenced. Videotaping or photographing is not allowed.

·         If you would like to conference with a teacher, please reach out to the teacher and set up a time that does not interrupt instruction.

·         Upon completion of your visit with your child, sign out in the front office.


Thank you for your cooperation as we maintain a safe and orderly environment. 



SPMS American Education Week 2019

Required Registration Form



Name of Student:   ________________________________________

Homeroom Teacher: _______________________________________


Please check the grade level of the student you are visiting.


_______7th grade -November 19th -7:50-11:00

_______8th grade- November 20th 7:50-11:00

_______6th grade- November 21st 7:50-11:00


Please list anyone who will attend on the above date.


    Visitor #1 Full Name ___________________________________    


    Visitor #2 Full Name ___________________________________    


    Visitor #3 Full Name ___________________________________    





Signature of Parent/Guardian completing this form:        _______________________________

Printed name of Parent/Guardian completing this form;    _______________________________