Health/ Physical Education

The physical Education Uniform Online Store is open!  
Please place your order before Sept. 22nd.  Orders will be shipped to school and your child's physical education teacher will distribute it to your child.  Orders should take about 2 weeks after the store closes.

 In the interest of health, safety, and protection of the student’s clothing, students are encouraged to dress appropriately for physical education. Students should wear a gray shirt, which can be brought from home, or may be purchased from their physical education teacher.  This will allow the teacher to quickly scan outdoor areas and identify students in their class.  Appropriate athletic shorts or sweatpants should be worn.  

The Physical Education Department has some uniform items in stock at school:                                                                       
9 inch shorts in stock sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL    $12.00
 5 inch short in stock sizes XL     $12.00
Shirts in stock sizes XL, XXL, XXL      $8.00
If you need any other sizes, please go to the online store: 

SPMS Physical Education Uniform Online Store

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