Dress for Success

Student Dress Code


Students will not wear attire that is disruptive to the school environment, that promotes illegal or harmful activities or that could endanger the health and safety of the student or other students, which includes but is not limited to that which: 

• Depicts messages that are lewd, vulgar, obscene, plainly offensive, violent, sexually explicit or that reference items that are illegal in general or illegal specifically for underage students; 

• Promotes use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or other illegal or harmful products; 

• Contains sexually suggestive messages; 

  • Depicts gang affiliation; 

• Causes or is likely to cause a substantial or material disruption to school activities or the orderly and safe operation of the school or at school-sponsored activities; 

• Contains rude, disrespectful or discourteous expressions inconsistent with civil discourse and behavior. 


In addition, at SPMS the following expectations apply:

• No halter tops, one shoulder tops, and strapless dresses.

• Sleeveless tops for girls must be two finger widths wide (bra straps should not be showing)

• No muscle shirts or boy’s tanks where the chest area is visible from the side.

• No hats/scarves on head or on body.

• No backpacks

• No clothing which shows a student’s undergarments (pants should cover entire seat area)

• No midriff-bearing clothing 


For specific BCPS Policy and Rule please refer to 5520.


Staff members who observe a student wearing a hat will confiscate the hat for storage in the main office.