Health/ Physical Education

SPMS Physical Education Uniforms 2022-23

The physical education online uniform store is OPEN!!   All students need to wear the SPMS P.E shirt for physical education,  which can be purchased in our school's online store.  In addition, black colored shorts or black sweatpants that can be brought from home or may be purchased in the school's online store.  Uniforms will be sold online only.  

There is a small inventory of uniforms for sale in school with limited sizes:  XXL & XXXL shirts and M, XL, XXL short 9-inch shorts. Please email Ms. Ryan at [email protected] if you are interested in these.

Even if your child does not have P.E. during the first quarter, they will after the first quarter.  Be sure to order the uniform now.  

The online store is open until September 5th!  Please do not delay and place your order today!

The second window for the online store will be open August 17th- September 1st.  Same link.  

Clothing ordered online will be shipped to the school.  When you get to the first checkout page, please enter the STUDENTS name when asked, not the parents name!


Clothing Requirements: 

The goal of BCPS physical education is to develop student motor and social skills, increase fitness levels, and promote a lifetime of physical activity. Students can participate in these movement opportunities providing their attire meets basic safety standards. Appropriate attire during physical education class is essential for safe and free movement during activities. 

Clothing Requirements for Physical Education

To ensure the safety of all students while maintaining a safe learning environment, the following guidelines must be followed.

► Appropriate, safe, and supportive footwear such as sneakers or athletic must be worn. Cleats, Crocs, Snooks, open-toed, or open-back shoes of any type are not allowed.

► Avoid overly loose/baggy clothing and clothing with unnecessary zippers or other features that could become caught on equipment.

► Refrain from any items in pockets.

► Refrain from wearing any type of jewelry

or items around the neck. This includes long/hope earrings, bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, etc.

► Wear the P.E. uniform shirt

► Wear Black colored shorts, or sweatpants that can be brought from home, or may be purchased in the school’s online store.

If you have any questions, please email the Ms. Ryan, Physical Education Chair at [email protected].