Counselor's Corner

SPMS Counselors

Robin Taylor-Chadwick, M.S

Department Chair

Serving Grade Levels 7 and 8 (M-Z)


Alysha Gordon, M.S

Serving Grade Levels 6 and 8 (A-N)

The Role of Middle School Counselors


A school counselor serves as a support person for students. Counselors focus on helping students make positive decisions that will strengthen citizenship skills and promote academic achievement in all subject areas.  School Counselors help students succeed in school by providing assistance with:


  • Academic performance                           - Peer relationships
  • Personal concerns                                   - Organizational/study skills
  • Setting goals                                           - High School planning



    Guidance and Counseling Services


  • Classroom guidance lessons                   - Leadership/citizenship opportunities
  • Individual counseling                             - Career/College awareness information
  • Small group counseling                           - Student service learning information
  • Mediations                                              - Academic interventions and support